About Us

What is a Land Trust?

A charitable organization dedicated to conservation. A land trust may purchase land or receive land donations. Land donors receive receipts for tax purposes in the amount of the value of the land. They can rest assured that their gift will remain as a nature sanctuary in perpetuity.

Volunteering with Lone Pine is an opportunity to truly do something of enduring value for the conservation of the Cold Creek area, to meet like-minded people and to have fun. There’s scope for all sorts of talents. Projects range from hands-on jobs, like tree planting and boardwalk building, to creative PR, wildlife and water issues and planning for the future.

The Lone Pine Marsh Sanctuary is a local success story!

It began in 1991 with one woman’s drive to conserve a beautiful marsh. Murial Braham (now honorary president) purchased the original eighty-six acres on County Road 21 and Maplegrove Road in Northumberland, Ontario. We have since purchased (through fundraising, in 1995,) an additional forty-nine acres which buffers the marsh from the surrounding agriculture.

The vision has gradually expanded. We began to dream of protecting more lands and waters along the Cold Creek watershed. Cold Creek is considered one of the finest creeks remaining in eastern North America. The quality of the water and the diversity of life it supports are well worth trying to preserve.

In December, 2005, Lone Pine Marsh accepted a donation of land which is connected to the marsh by a tributary of Cold Creek and which was assessed by The Nature Conservancy of Canada as valuable conservation land. A third biologically valuable donation of land, which includes some head waters of Cold Creek has also been donated. This tract includes wetland, island, forest and streams and a baseline study of the flora and fauna is being conducted.

Lone Pine Marsh Sanctuary is a grass roots organization, where volunteers, sponsors and donors are able to join forces to do something of enduring value toward the preservation of land, water and diverse life in our area.

We welcome new members to this friendly group. Feel free to come to a meeting as a visitor and see what we’re up to. The scope for future projects is wide. It’s a feel-good project with tangible results.

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