Muriel’s Vision

The LONE PINE MARSH SANCTUARY land trust (LPMS) may be the newest member of the RLPJI partnership, but it boasts a long history of grassroots conservation. Celebrating over 20 years, the LPMS story began in 1991 with the vision of Murial Braham, whose love of a beautiful wetland located in Cramahe Township led her to purchase the original eighty-six acres. With a view to protecting the marshland in perpetuity, and with the help of the Ontario Heritage Foundation, the Lone Pine Marsh Sanctuary land trust was born. Through fundraising and amazing community support, the Marsh was expanded to include an additional forty-nine acre buffer zone. Volunteers have donated countless hours over the years to restore this buffer zone to a grassland habitat, and our community has now been rewarded with the return of Bobolinks and other grassland birds.

Lone Pine Marsh Sanctuary continues to be a local success story, with a volunteer board of directors, members, sponsors and land donors who have come together to do something of enduring value toward the preservation of land, water and diverse life in our area. The vision now extends to preserving as much as possible of the natural heritage of the Cold Creek and Marsh Creek watershed and their surrounding lands and forests. LPMS now holds a cross-section of several significant properties including marsh, swamp, grassland, developing oak forest, and mixed woods.

The Lone Pine Marsh is a feel-good community project with tangible results, and it all started with Murial`s vision and generosity.

Click here to view a government of Canada archival interview of Murial at the Marshdefault.asp?Lang=En&n=8BBF0CA5-1

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